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Csigó Kult Fest-2022
Festival of Various Arts at Csigó Mill
TH May 2022 - 30TH October 2022 

This festival takes place within the frames of the project of ’Cultnet’ in the organisation of Csigó Mill Cultural and Art Centre Foundation in cooperation with Veszprém-Balaton European Cultural Capital 2023.

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The events of CSIGÓ KULTFEST are organised in the interactive, community building spirit of the Kultnet Basis. We follow the themes of classical music, fine arts and the world of collectables. Our special aim is to bring the artists of the area closer to the audience.

In the frame of classical music we arrange an instrument exhibition with presentations, workshops, quiz games, talks and concerts. Éva Csermák, concert violinist and music teacher living in Berlin, will keep an international musical workshop in Hegymagas. Following the workshop her young pupils will have the chance to perform to the audience of the Csigó Mill.     

Balaton uplands is a very inspiring area for fine artists. The well-known artist couple -Áron Gábor, painter and Zsuzsa G. Heller, sculptor, ceramic artist- have been working for decades in Badacsonytomaj. They and other artists, too can be met in their homes in the theme of ‘OPEN STUDIOS’.

Ákos Vörösváry, art collector has had an important role of the cultural community for more than two decades as the artistic leader of Első Magyar Látványtár in Tapolca-Diszel.

With the series of programs in the theme of collections CSIGÓ KULTFEST is aiming to make young people aware of the role of collection in keeping and creating cultural value in our lives.

Central venue of the festival:

The listed building of Csigó Mill

109 Kossuth Lajos street, Gyulakeszi 8286, Balaton uplands

Period of time: 28.05.2022-30.10.2022


Further places: Tapolca, Hegymagas, Badacsonytomaj

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