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The venue

According to Gyulakeszi’s historical documents there was a water mill standing here already in the 13th century, which was later operated by steam -up to the nationalisation when animal feed production moved within these historical walls.

The listed building originates from 1867 when István Csigó made it built for his son -hence the name. In the left wing of the main building operated the mill and the family lived in the right wing. The original building was partly destroyed by fire in 1929 the marks of which are still visible. The mill with the outbuildings and 5 acres of land is now a private property, and the owners are renovating it step by step.


Since 2010 Csigó mill has been going through a change in function and became a cultural, art- and trade centre. In alliance with the atmosphere of the place antique furniture, paintings, ceramics, carpets and a lot more can be viewed and bought here. The Stílus Gallery is open all year round every day.

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