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The foundation

The salon and art gallery in the listed building of Csigó Mill was created in 2013 as a venue for cultural events, concerts, performances and exhibitions. The concerts and other events organised by „Csigó Art Fest” bring back the atmosphere of old salons. After the events there is always possibility to taste local wine and have informal talks with friends and meet the artists. By today Csigó mill became a cozy social venue, bringing back the values and tradition of families such as Csigó and Esterházy. Since 2018 we continue our activities within the frames of Csigó Mill Cultural and Art Centre Foundation.

Chairperson of the board

I was born in Gyergyószárhegy, Transylvania and grew up beside a neglected renaissance castle. By the mid-seventies the castle got renovated and it gave home to international artistic workshops. I saw how the place was reborn and keeping traditional values new life set roots within the old walls. This experience stayed with me throughout my life and played a roll in choosing to go to an art school. In 1983 I got married in Hungary. My ex-husband was from Gödöllő so this time I lived close to Gödöllő Palace, which reminded me of my previous experience. We know that many of the historical buildings have not always been used according to their original functions. Since I worked in the fashion industry, when the renovated new wing of the Palace re-opened, we organised a fashion history production with the title “Eras, Cloths, Styles”. It started with Queen Elisabeth -or Sissy’s- first visit in the palace in 1867 and narrated history and fashion trends up until nowadays. I was then able to organise art- and cultural programs in the palace. A lot of my artist friends helped me in this and we work together still today.

Katalin Bartunek

Bartunek Katalin.jpg

Members of the Board of Trustees

Katalin Bartunek, Ilona Bayer, Dr. Benedek Fonnyadt, Áron Gábor, Zsuzsa G. Heller, Katalin Szigethy
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