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Podmaniczky Award

In recognition of the work of the applied artist Katalin Bartunek, she received the Podmaniczky Prize in 2021. 

The work of Katalin Bartunek was recognised in 2021 with the Podmaniczky award. This award is given by the association of Hungaria Nostra since 1982 to those private persons or communities, who do most for the protection and familiarization of the natural and built habitat and the values of our cultural heritage. 

“I sincerely thank the Association of Town and Village Defenders, Hungaria Nostra, for the Podmaniczky Prize for my work. With a long list, I can only thank all those who have stood by me for the last 15 years and helped me in this voluntary mission, the foundation of the change in the tourism and cultural function of the Csigó Mill's monumental property: and last but not least to my family. I am confident that the site, which has a centuries-old mill history, will continue to be a task and a joy for future generations even after the change of function, confirming the value-creating intention of István Csigó, the builder of the main building in 1867. ”

podmaniczky2021_Bartunek Katalin.jpg
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