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The world of collecting

"Attracting the Collection" lecture series

Acquaintance with private collectors, museologists, local historians.

“Treasures from the Attic and Crate” - an interactive, playful series of events

We want to arouse the interest of young people in the value-preserving and value-creating role of collection, emphasizing its importance in the fields of cultural life, from private collections  to the world of public collections and museums.

Our cooperating professional partners:


Ákos Vörösváry , art collector, artistic director of the First Hungarian Spectacle Library

László Hangodi, historian, museologist, employee of the Albert Vass Library in Tapolca and  Museum

Erzsébet N. Horváth , local historian, writer, journalist, teacher


Professional events on the topic will take place in 2022  September and October.


The program is being organized.

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