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”Women on a mission” - MUSICAL STAGE PERFORMANCE

16 August 2024, Friday, 19:00-21:00

MUSICAL STAGE PERFORMANCE "Women on a mission" performed by the artists of  Főnix Theatre Association, Tapolca. 

I quote the words of the play's author and director, Erzsébet N. Horváth: "The protagonists of this play are women who have never been actual protagonists. They consciously remained in the shadows, in the background of their husbands and partners and held up that it was not a sacrifice on their part. The lives and oeuvre of these men were made complete by these women: János Batsányi’s by Gabriella Baumberg, Sándor Kisfaludy’s by Rosa Szegedy, painter József Egry’s by Juliska Pauler, and Africa hunter Endre Nagy’s by Katalin Beretz. They stood by their man to be their support and help."

Composer: Attila Bock, Singer: Márió, Violin: Iván Román. Cast: Timea B. Kása, Tamás Torma, Elvira Csehné Nagy, Gyula Cseh, Anita Mejlinger, Gyula Bokkon and Dávid Réwész.


Salon programme: wine tasting courtesy of Istvándy Winery, informal discussion with the artists.

Tickets: HUF 4,500

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