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"Timetravel in the world of music – from the classics to contemporary"

Saturday, 06.08.2022, 8.00-10.00 pm

Podium talk with the participation of Sándor Jávorkai violin- and Ádám Jávorkai cello artists, internationally famous, virtuoso musicians. Their guest is Kossuth Award winner composer, László Dubrovay, who composed a piece for the brothers, which will be performed this evening.

Escort program in the salon with wine tasting from offer of the Borbély Családi Pincészet.

Photos and video recordings will be take at the events of the festival, which will be used by the Foundation for promotional purposes.

Entry fee: HUF 3.500

Fotók: Éder Vera es Gálos Mihály Samu

The brothers of Sándor Jávorkai and Ádám Jávorkai were born with one year of difference in Győr. After their musical education in Hungary they continued their studies at the Viennese University of Music- and Performing Arts, where they both graduated with award distinction and stayed on fo their PhD studies. They perform as soloists as well as concertmasters with well known orchestras and musicians all over the world. As they are exceptional musicians they are the owners of numerous Hungarian and international awards as well as they became the ‘artists of the year’ in 2009. Often they perform together as a duo.

László Dubrovay Fotó: Szabó Gábor - ORIGO



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