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"Music and creativity" The meeting of music and science at the Cziffra Festival

Friday, 08 September 2023, 19:00 - 21:00 p.m.

In the joint evening of Dr. Tamás Freund, neurobiologist, university professor, doctor of Biology, internationally renowned scientist involved in research into the functioning of the cerebral cortex, and János Balázs, Kossuth prize-winning pianist, we can find out what the connection between music and creativity, between music and science. From the presentation of the internationally recognized scientist, we can learn about the brain mechanisms of the development of creative thinking ability, and we will also talk about the role of emotional richness and motivation in effective learning. It will also be discussed how education with art affects the development of our inner world and, through this, creativity. Their joint performance is also a classical music curiosity. János Balázs demonstrates with his own improvisations and paraphrases everything that Tamás Freund presented before him with words. Another contributor of the evening: Adél Bihari (soprano).

The event takes place in the framework of the VEB 2023 EKF Kultnet Program, in cooperation with the Csigó Malom Cultural and Art Center Foundation and the Cziffra Festival.

Supported by National Cultural Fund.

Further information can be found on the website

Accompanying programme: music and community, salon discussions.

Entrance fee: HUF 3,500

All tickets for this event are sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

Balázs János /photo: László Emmer Dr. Freund Tamás /photo: Tamás Szigeti



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