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„Let’s get to know the nostalgic sound of the barrel organ”

Saturday, 23. 07.2022, 11.00-5.00 pm

Exhibition and introduction of the instruments of the Keszthely Instrument Museum.

Photos and video recordings will be take at the events of the festival, which will be used by the Foundation for promotional purposes.

Free entry but registration is necessary.


My interest in antique musical instruments was already woken when I was a child. When I was 10 years old, my mother had to be hospitalized for a while. During these days, a very friendly house help was looking after my younger sister and me. One day she had the idea of taking us to a thrift shop (Brockenhaus). That was a very interesting experience for me. I was mesmerised by a windup gramophone, and our lovely house help bought it for me for 5 Swiss francs. From that day on, the windup gramophone meant everything to me. My mother wasn't really that happy but I couldn't stop buying further instruments. Very soon, there were radios and old gramophones in my room which I always got for free -hence to my great ability to be persuasive. Then, at the age of 15, I had more pocket money so I bought my first horn gramophone at the Zurich Flea Market. This one as well as my first windup gramophone are still part of my current collection.



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