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"From the Panpipes to Saxophone" - introduction of the instruments and concert with St. Martin.

2022 július 08., péntek, 19:00-21:00

„From the Panpipes to Saxophone”-introduction of the instruments followed by a concert by St. Martin the virtuoso artist, who plays on several instruments and has been performing from Australia to Los Angeles all over the world.

Escort program: Wine tasting in the Salon from the offer of Szeremley Borház

Photos and video recordings will be take at the events of the festival, which will be used by the Foundation for promotional purposes.

Entry fee: HUF 3.500

St Martin was born on 9th January 1965 in Hódmezővásárhely under the name of Imre Szentmártoni. He is a composer, performing artist, saxophone- and panpipes artist. Based on his 26 independent albums he counts as number one in the Hungarian instrumental music scene. He is the winner of Magyar Érdemrend Lovagkeresztje, EMeRTon, Regional Prima Primissima and Aphelandra awards. He creates a very unique sound with his saxophone, which makes him unmistakable. For ten years in his youth he played the trumpet, bass and drums but at the age of 18 he chose the saxophone. He played in the bands Első Emelet and Prognózis but an international recognition made his name well known. His music is also used in theatres, television, films, advertisements.



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