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Valaki jár a fák hegyén - Sándor Kányádi Memorial Night

Saturday, 08 July 2023, 19:00-21:00 p.m.

Sándor Kányádi Memorial Night entitled “Valaki jár a fák hegyén…” featuring the famous composer and performer brothers Dániel Gryllus and Vilmos Gryllus. The work of the artists who have created outstanding value in Hungarian cultural life has already been honoured with the Kossuth Prize on two occasions. By this memorial night, we also commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of one of the greatest figures of contemporary Hungarian poetry, Transylvanian Hungarian poet Sándor Kányádi, who worked from the second half of the twentieth century until his death in 2018. Sándor Kányádi was the holder of the Artist of the Nation award and a Kossuth Prize holder.

Accompaniment program: music and community, salon discussions.

All tickets for this event are sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

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