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PERMANENT EXHIBITION – Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission free.


I first met the sculptor Mária R. Törley (born in Budapest, May 12, 1950) at her exhibition held in the 1980s at the Gellért Hotel in Budapest. Our acquaintance, friendship, and numerous collaborative cultural projects have connected me with her and her husband, her creative partner, the silversmith László Ruszina, ever since.

The musical and literary events of the Törley Salon, organized in their studio in Mátyásföld, Budapest, alongside their home, have been pivotal for me in all my art-related endeavors, which I have been striving to realize here in Gyulakeszi, at the Csigó Mill, since 2010.

There is nothing comparable to the magic that Mária Törley creates with her direct, kind personality and the most talented artist friends during a Salon Evening. Her sculptures, small sculptures, and plaques form a living backdrop to the house concerts and the informal friendly conversations that follow.

Sisi / Grape-Bearing Girl / Dante

At the heart of Mária R. Törley's sculpture is the human being. Through her works, she expresses and evokes emotions.

The oeuvre of this delicately built sculptor ranges from small sculptures to monumental public statues, memorials, portraits, plaques, musical-themed creations, and sacred-themed series. It includes everything from humorous small sculptures and clown statues to the dramatically powerful corpus, reflecting what concerns and inspires Törley in her art.

Among her solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, she considers the most significant to be her exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest and her shows in European cities, mentioning, without aiming for completeness, Lyon, Tours, Paris, Berlin, Krakow, and Luxembourg.

Since the beginning of her career, her art has been recognized with numerous national and international awards, among the most important of which are the International Dante Biennale Prize, the Budapest Prize, the Knight's and Officer's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, and the Hungarian Heritage Award.

A comprehensive view of her career, exhibitions, and awards can be gained from press appearances, TV recordings, and interviews available online, among which the nearly hour-long conversation titled "Lillásreggeli" with Lilla Paor in 2017 can be listened to.

In Tapolca, the public statue "Grape-Bearing Girl" on the promenade by the Mill Pond evokes the wine region life of the Northern Shore of Lake Balaton.

Since 2014, her works have been on permanent display at the Csigó Mill.

Katalin Bartunek

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Art Director

Csigó Mill Cultural and Art Centre Foundation

Gyulakeszi, May 20, 2024

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