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FINE ARTS/ A selection from the collection of the First Hungarian Visual Library

PERMANENT EXHIBITION - Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission free.


The First Hungarian Visual Repository in Tapolca-Diszel is a treasure trove of arts and everyday life objects. From artworks to utilitarian items and conceptual creations, thousands of pieces make up the Visual Repository's collection. Since 1997, annually organized temporary thematic exhibitions have provided visitors with an unconventional and unique intellectual experience.

For me, the Visual Repository is personified by Ákos Vörösváry, who, according to his own account, has passionately collected every object he could not pass by indifferently since his youth. As the artistic director of the First Hungarian Visual Repository, founded in 1990, the exhibitions he organizes often combine pieces of the collection in unusual ways, giving them new meanings, raising questions, encouraging reflection, and reinterpreting our daily lives.

Our professional relationship with Ákos Vörösváry and the First Hungarian Visual Repository has been ongoing since 2010, from the opening of the antiques and home decor shop established in Csigó Malom. Since 2013, this collaboration has been complemented by regular exhibitions of artworks selected from the Visual Repository's collection.

In our gallery, visitors to Csigó Malom have been able to view works by significant artists of the contemporary Hungarian fine arts scene as part of this collaboration. Without aiming for completeness, I will mention a few names of artists whose works have been exhibited here over the past more than ten years: Katalin Albert, Sándor Altorjai, Márton Barabás, László Fehér, Endre Hortobágyi, Erzsébet Horváth, Judit Kaponya, Gábor Ó. Papp, Péter Prutkay, György Szemadám, and Noémi Tamás. Additionally, a copy of János Vaszary's painting "Golden Age" can also be viewed here.

Ákos Vörösváry also participates as an expert and exhibition organizer in the artistic life of Csigó Malom.

In 2024, under the direction of Ákos Vörösváry, visitors can view the temporary contemporary box art exhibition "BOXWORLD," composed of pieces from the First Hungarian Visual Repository's collection, from June 28 to August 30.

Currently, in the three-story exhibition space in Tapolca-Diszel, visitors can see the exhibition "Depictions of Women - Depicting Women" until October 1, 2024.

Katalin Bartunek

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Art Director

Csigó Mill Cultural and Arts Centre Foundation

Gyulakeszi, May 20, 2024.

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